GateMate - Tailgate Party Tool Box

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The Essential Ingredient to Make your Tailgate Party Stress-Free   

After 25 years in America’s parking lots, the miles traveled and numbers to cook for have increased substantially. As a result, every single year I find myself looking for products that are “multi-functional” – serving multiple tailgate purposes; “portable” – saving me space as there is little room left in touring vehicles and cargo space; and lastly, “cost-effective” – quality goods that I don’t have to replace season after season.

GateMate Tailgate Party Tool Box hits this on all points. This unit is as functional a TAILGATE need as I have come across in years.  GateMate will be replacing my box of smallwares, a bag of single use supplies and utensils, and a utility bag of BBQ / grilling tools. And as a topper, at the end of the day, less throwaway supply means substantially less garbage left on site after.

As not only the host of America’s first Tailgate Radio program, but more importantly a prototypical hardcore tailgater, accomplished grill chef and road trip aficionado, GateMate has unlimited potential in American tailgating, and will serve the same function in many related marketplaces.

It will see many miles with my crew and I for years to come!

Jeff Dockeray
Host | Producer – TAILGATE RADIO                                                                      
Gridiron Chef Co.

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